OX3 Productions Corp., OX3 TV Production, LLC are both founded by Ms. Yijia (Bianca) Chen, a famous bilingual financial TV reporter, commentator and anchorwoman. Together with OX3 TV Production Corp., we are collectively referred to as OX3 Group, a creativity-driven media production entity based in New York City.

OX3 Group focuses on working with film, video, digital imagery and internet interactivity. Our clients and partners include public relations and advertising agencies, websites, TV networks as well as marketing firms. Additionally, OX3 represents an elite and diverse roster of directors, producers, reporters and industry professionals.

The primary productions of OX3 Group contain original news stories, entertainment travel shows and business series such as “Startups, Made in the USA”, “Yijia's Time”. Our mission is to give audience a fresh experience and an unique way of exploring the world.



Startup Made in USA is the first talk show in China about innovative organizations overseas, focusing on entrepreneurs and their companies’ startup stories. These entrepreneurs come from different industries, such as e-commerce, Internet finance, and the sharing economy, and include Airbnb's founder Nathan Blecharczyk, Coursera's founder Andrew Ng, and Ahalife’s founder Shauna Mei. The first season of this 12-minute weekly series has a total of 13 episodes, which are currently being distributed through popular Chinese portal websites and radio stations.

一佳带你《创业美国》,中国首档海外前沿创新企业家访谈节目(第一季13集)。节目采用人物访谈和纪录片相结合的形式,由著名路透社财经美女主播陈一佳于2014年创办并亲自主持。主打“内容是核心竞争力”,以“新”取胜,网罗行业新势力,探索新兴行业和市场,探讨创新商业模式,致力于成为银幕上的 MBA 案例课堂,从全球化视野出发,挖掘最具商业潜力的行业新贵。

Live Like A Dream is not only the ONLY Chinese-language online TV series about the American luxury real estate market, but also one of the top-rated shows among the competitors. This 6-minute weekly series targeting upscale Chinese audiences is dedicated to delivering the latest news on the best luxury properties and the latest interior design styles across the U.S., as well as first-hand industry insight into this market for potential buyers from China.


Couple of new programs will be launched soon.

We will tell you the most inspiring stories in our own unique and engaging way.

You won’t be disappointed.

We Promise!




OX3 Productions Corp. is known for its high quality programs, multi-media production, integrated communication, and devotion to building a platform for business cooperation and cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world. Networking with many well-known local companies overseas and attending large-scale conferences and technology summits (especially for startups, mobile Internet, and cutting-edge technologies), we alert our clients and partners to investment opportunities. In addition, we also provide professional business consulting, video customization, branding, and a comprehensive “one-stop service.” As the industry’s leading cross-media partner, we look forward to working with you.

Exclusive Branding Advantages:

  1. Connections with domestic and international celebrities, foreign media relations, a strong lineup of partners in various fields, cooperation channels, and platform resources.
  2. Possess original perspective, open-minded vision, and powerful video production team. Produced programs that not only have strong domestic audiences, but are popular among overseas Chinese audiences too.
  3. With headquarters in New York, we are uniquely positioned to expand our overseas media and network resources. We are pursuing our expansion via multimedia platforms, integrating both online and offline outlets, including, Internet portals and other websites, renowned print media, television, and radio, and through collaborations with organizations and brands to open the international market in a comprehensive way.

纽约三橙传媒以高品质原创文化节目、跨媒体制作与整合传播实力闻名中外,致力于搭建中国与世界商务文化交流合作的平台。作为中外众多知名大型峰会活动合作伙伴(涉及创业、移动互联网、科技等领域),三橙传媒面向全国范围火热招商(广告植入、品牌冠名)! 此外,还提供商务咨询、视频定制、 品牌推广等全方位一条龙服务。身为业界领先的跨媒体合作者,我们期待与您——携手中外,比肩共赢!


  1. 汇聚国内外各界名人,深厚的中外媒体关系,以及阵容强大的各领域合作伙伴、合作渠道和平台资源。
  2. 拥有独家的视角、包容的眼光、强大的视频制作班底。制作的节目不仅拥有良好的国内受众基础,同时在海外华人受众群占据一席之地。
  3. 总部位于纽约,有先天优势扩展海外媒体及人脉资源,善于利用多媒体平台宣传推广,线上线下相结合,与国内外众多门户网站、知名纸媒、电视、广播媒体合作,全方位帮助品牌打开国际市场。

We can produce video according to your specific needs. Whether a broadcast news story or a corporate promotion clip, our professional team can provide a product that effectively delivers your message.


If you have questions about overseas real estate, investment or study, please let us help you to design the best strategy and connect with the right people in the field.


A complete solution for delivering your message to Chinese investors and buyers eager to own a piece of the American dream.